Bush, Herbert Charles

Birth Name Herbert Charles Bush [1] [2]
Gramps ID I0026
Gender male
Age at Death between 78 years, 7 months, 28 days and 78 years, 10 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1891-05-04 Grantham, Lincolnshire Birth of Herbert Charles Bush

Event Note

Birth: Apr-Jun 1891 (Grantham 7a 514)

Residence 1901-03-31 7 Mill Green Cottages, Mill Green Road, Croydon, Surrey Residence of Herbert Charles Bush

Death between 1970-01-01 and 1970-03-31 Brighton, Sussex  

Event Note

Death: Jan-Mar 1970 (Brighton 5h 328)



Father Bush, Herbert [I0025]
Mother Bostock, Annie Caroline [I0024]
  1. Bush, Leonard Percival [I0027]
  2. Bush, Lily [I0028]
  3. Bush, Ernest George [I0029]
  4. Bush, Laurence [I0030]
  5. Bush, Harry [I0031]
  6. Bush, Gladys [I0032]
  7. Bush, Arthur [I0033]
  8. Bush, Annie Isabella [I0022]
  9. Bush, Florence Rose [I0034]
  10. Bush, Winifred Mary [I0035]


Married Wife Henty, Agnes Dorothy [I0036]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1926   Marriage of Herbert Charles Bush and Agnes Dorothy Henty

Event Note

Jan-Mar 1926 (Camberwell 1d 1020)

  1. Bush, Henry [I0037]


Date Street City County State/ Province Country Postal Code Phone Sources
1901-03-31 7 Mill Green Cottages, Mill Green Road Croydon   Surrey England     [2]


Birth: Apr-Jun 1891 (Grantham 7a 514)

Source References

  1. Bush Family Tree (Aug 1987) [S0072]
  2. Census 1901 RG13-0654-007-06 [S0088]


  1. Bush, Herbert
    1. Bostock, Annie Caroline
      1. Bush, Herbert Charles
        1. Henty, Agnes Dorothy
          1. Bush, Henry
      2. Bush, Leonard Percival
      3. Bush, Lily
      4. Bush, Ernest George
      5. Bush, Laurence
      6. Bush, Harry
      7. Bush, Gladys
      8. Bush, Arthur
      9. Bush, Annie Isabella
      10. Bush, Florence Rose
      11. Bush, Winifred Mary