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Letter Name State Country Latitude/ Longitude
1 103 Westmoreland Road, Walworth [P0232] England 51.48333, -0.1
  1093 Leeming Street, Mansfield [P0047]  
  11 Bailey Street, Basford [P0008]  
  11 Johns Court, Bradford [P0240]  
  11 Monsall Street, Basford [P0016]  
  12 Bradford Road, Huddersfield [P0239]  
  13 Campsbourne Road, Hornsey, Middlesex [P0145] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  14 Chapman Street, Islington [P0293] England  
  14 Prince of Wales Terrace, Beeston, Nottingham [P0171] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  15 Derby Road, Draycott [P0136]  
  192 Parliament Street, Derby [P0010]  
  19 Margaret Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex [P0112]  
  1 Crescent Road, Hornsey, Middlesex [P0166] England  
  1 Edinburgh Road, Brighton [P0270]  
2 208 Elm Grove, Brighton, Sussex [P0018] England  
  20 Chapel Street, Clerkenwell [P0104]  
  20 Great Bath Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex [P0034] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  20 Hall Street, St Lukes [P0133]  
  22 Surrey Grove, Walworth [P0263] England  
  23 Albion Street, Nottingham [P0206]  
  24 Rawcliffe Street, Nottingham [P0011] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  24 Wesley Place, Stapleford, Nottingham [P0186] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  25 Brunswick Place, Islington [P0292] England  
  25 Castle Road, Nottingham [P0015] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  25 Chorlton Grove, Chilwell [P0254]  
  25 Mill Street, Radford, Nottingham [P0051] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  25 Paulet Road, Camberwell, London [P0219] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  263 Fulham Road, Chelsea [P0113]  
  26 Evelina Mansions, New Church Road, Camberwell [P0260] England  
  26 Hanover Terrace, Brighthelmstone [P0142]  
  273 Dumbarton Road, Sandyford, Glasgow [P0281] Scotland  
  27 Albion Street, Nottingham [P0125]  
  28a Garvary Road, West Ham [P0078]  
  28 Chapel Street, Radford, Nottingham [P0153] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  28 Cobden Road, Brighton, Sussex [P0021] England  
  28 Westgate, Halifax, Yorkshire [P0205] England  
  29 The Close, Chilwell, Nottingham [P0192] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  2 Bryanstone Road, Hornsey, Middlesex [P0172] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  2 Elton Street, Grantham [P0116]  
  2 Wilderness Row, Clerkenwell, Middlesex [P0179]  
3 30 Avenue Road, Crouch End, London [P0052]  
  31 Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell [P0103]  
  35 Colville Terrace, Sherwood [P0013]  
  35 Hartington Road, Brighton [P0062] England  
  35 Lancroft Road, Camberwell [P0283] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  36 Steward Street, Whitechapel [P0063]  
  39 Denison Street, Beeston [P0026]  
  3 Breeds Place, Hastings [P0050]  
  3 Jordan Place, Islington [P0100]  
  3 Secretan Road, Camberwell [P0058]  
  3 Warner Street, Radford [P0019]  
  3 William Street East, Poplar [P0091]  
4 4048 WOQ, Ordnance Depot, Stapleford Road, Chilwell, Nottingham [P0216] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  41 Dartnell Road, Camberwell [P0262] England  
  42 Denison Street, Beeston [P0030]  
  42 Topsfield Parade, Hornsey, Middlesex [P0161] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  43 Market Street, Draycott [P0128]  
  43 Regent Hill, Nottingham [P0033] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  44 Warren Street, Clerkenwell [P0085]  
  4 Crescent Road, Hornsey [P0167]  
  4 Edinburgh Road, Brighton [P0221]  
  4 Hillhouse Lane, Huddersfield [P0241]  
  4 Lewes Road, Brighton [P0214]  
  4 Sydney Road, Draycott [P0286] England  
5 50 Plimsoll Road, Islington [P0109]  
  52 Clifford Avenue, Beeston [P0012]  
  5 New Street, Draycott [P0004]  
6 66 Clarence Road, Wood Green, Middlesex [P0155]  
  6 Spring Gardens, Abingdon, Berkshire [P0250]  
7 76 Margaret Street, Clerkenwell [P0105]  
  78 Edward Street, Brighton [P0032]  
  79 Margaret Street, Clerkenwell [P0123]  
  7 Mill Green Cottages, Mill Green Road, Croydon, Surrey [P0120]  
8 80 Slack Lane, Derby [P0036]  
  81 King Street, Huddersfield [P0213]  
  82 Hawthorne Street, Newfoundpool, Leicester [P0284] England  
  85 King Street, Huddersfield [P0244]  
9 9 Denison Street, Beeston [P0211]  
  9 John Court, John Street, Bradford [P0242]  
A Abingdon [P0229]  
  Abingdon, Oxfordshire [P0126]  
  Albion Street, Nottingham [P0000]  
  Almondbury, Yorkshire [P0170]  
  Altrincham, Cheshire [P0177]  
  Arnold, Nottinghamshire [P0132]  
  Australia [P0280]  
B Basford, Nottingham [P0009]  
  Beeston [P0150]  
  Beeston Rylands [P0024]  
  Bernsbury, London [P0151]  
  Bethnal Green [P0290] England 51.50853, -0.12574
  Biggen, Derbyshire [P0195]  
  Bingham [P0065]  
  Birkenhead [P0107]  
  Birmingham [P0285]  
  Bower Villa, Draycott [P0140]  
  Bradford, Yorkshire [P0163]  
  Bramcote [P0184]  
  Breaston [P0297] England  
  Breedon, Leicestershire [P0234]  
  Brighthelmstone, Sussex [P0143]  
  Brighton, Sussex [P0187]  
  Bromley, Kent [P0094]  
  Burgess Hill, Sussex [P0267]  
C Camberwell [P0196]  
  Camberwell Infirmary [P0055]  
  Canal Bank, Beeston Rylands [P0029]  
  Canal Side, Beeston [P0256]  
  Cardiff [P0101]  
  Chain Row, Lenton [P0043]  
  Chapel Street, Radford [P0147]  
  Charlton, Kent [P0056]  
  Chelsea [P0190]  
  Chilwell [P0255]  
  City of London [P0090]  
  Clay Pool, Lincolnshire [P0054]  
  Clerkenwell, Middlesex [P0212]  
  Club Houses, Wilne, Draycott, Derbyshire [P0259]  
  Colston Basset, Nottinghamshire [P0037] England  
  Colville Terrace, Nottingham [P0257]  
  Cropwell Bishop. Nottinghamshire [P0068]  
  Cross Street, Sawley [P0173]  
  Croydon, Surrey [P0121]  
D Dalton, Yorkshire [P0191]  
  Deptford [P0183]  
  Derby [P0199]  
  Devonshire Lane, Idridgehay [P0261] England  
  Draycott, Derby [P0176]  
  Dr S Antliff Memorial Church, Draycott [P0007]  
E East Bridgford [P0209]  
  East Stonehouse, Devon [P0269]  
  Edmonton, Middlesex [P0279]  
F Finchley, London [P0096]  
  Forest Terrace, Hyson Green [P0129]  
  France [P0249]  
  Frances Street, Charlton [P0296] England  
  Francis Street, Draycott [P0200]  
G Germany [P0252]  
  Goldsithrey, Cornwall [P0117]  
  Grantham, Lincolnshire [P0118]  
  Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire [P0031]  
  Greenwich, London [P0114]  
  Gwennap, Cornwall [P0222]  
H Hale, Cheshire [P0108]  
  Halifax, Yorkshire [P0180]  
  Hazelwood, Hawley Lane, Hale [P0039]  
  Heap Lane Gardens, Bradford [P0048]  
  Hendon, Middlesex [P0271]  
  Herongate, Essex [P0159] England  
  High North Road, Finchley [P0218]  
  Hillingdon, London [P0025]  
  Holborn, Middlesex [P0089]  
  Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield [P0208]  
  Holy Trinity Church, Islington [P0291] England  
  Horbury, Yorkshire [P0131]  
  Hornblow, Staffordshire [P0060]  
  Hornsey, Middlesex [P0164]  
  Hoxton, Middlesex [P0092]  
  Huddersfield, Yorkshire [P0027]  
  Hyson Green, Nottingham [P0130]  
I Idridgehay [P0061]  
  Ilkeston [P0287] England  
  Isle of Wight [P0084]  
  Isley Walton, Leicestershire [P0233]  
  Islington, London [P0175]  
K Kensington, London [P0210]  
  Keyworth, Leicestershire [P0223]  
  Kilburn, London [P0023]  
  King Street, Huddersfield [P0276] England  
  Kirkby, Nottinghamshire [P0168]  
  Kirkgate, Huddersfield [P0135]  
L Lane Leeds Road Yard, Huddersfield [P0160]  
  Leeds, Yorkshire [P0202]  
  Leicester [P0044]  
  Leicestershire [P0235]  
  Lenton [P0045]  
  Lewes, Sussex [P0057]  
  London [P0097]  
M Mansfield [P0064]  
  Mansfield Road, Nottingham [P0185]  
  Margaret Street, Clerkenwell [P0139]  
  Market Downham, Norfolk [P0041]  
  Melville Street, Nottingham [P0049] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  Merton, Surrey [P0115]  
  Mill Street, Oakham [P0277] England  
  Mitcham Beddington Corner, Surrey [P0122]  
N Needham Street, Bingham, Nottingham [P0174]  
  Nelson’s Fields, Merton, Surrey [P0231]  
  Nelson Street, Merton, Surrey [P0119]  
  New Southgate, London [P0203]  
  North Collingham, Nottinghamshire [P0258]  
  North’s Yard, Northgate, Huddersfield [P0157]  
  Northumberland Street, Huddersfield [P0110]  
  Nottingham [P0046]  
  Nottingham Hospital [P0006] England 52.9536, -1.15047
  Nottingham Road, Stapleford [P0238]  
  Nottingham Turnpike, Stapleford [P0237]  
  Nuneaton, Warwickshire [P0124]  
O Oakham, Rutland [P0278] England  
  Oak Lodge, 44 Bushey Hill Road, Camberwell [P0022]  
P Paddington, Middlesex [P0146]  
  Pantile Row, Sawley, Derbyshire [P0266]  
  Parish Church, Idridgehay [P0059]  
  Perranuthno, Cornwall [P0230]  
  Pierrepoint Street, Sneinton [P0134]  
  Poplar, Middlesex [P0169]  
R Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire [P0069]  
  Radford, Nottingham [P0182]  
  Ramsbottom, Lancashire [P0111]  
  Rest camp hospital, Southampton [P0251]  
  Romford, Essex [P0268]  
  Rotherhithe, Surrey [P0075]  
S Sandyford, Glasgow [P0282]  
  Sawley, Derbyshire [P0138]  
  Scotland [P0243]  
  Sewstern, Lincolnshire [P0035]  
  Shardlow [P0189]  
  Shepshed [P0178]  
  Sherwood, Nottingham [P0014]  
  Sneinton [P0220]  
  Southam, Middlesex [P0144]  
  Southgate, Middlesex [P0158]  
  South Kensington, London [P0162]  
  South Street, Huddersfield [P0137]  
  Spitalfields, London [P0083]  
  Stanton on the Wolds [P0038]  
  Stapleford [P0215]  
  St Hilary, Cornwall [P0197]  
  St James, Clerkenwell [P0127]  
  St John’s Hospital, Southampton [P0253]  
  St John’s Road Workhouse, Islington [P0201]  
  St John the Baptist Church, Kirkheaton [P0181]  
  St Luke’s Church, Brighton [P0198]  
  St Lukes, Middlesex [P0098]  
  St Mary in the Castle, Hastings [P0053]  
  St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Woolwich [P0295] England  
  St Peter’s Church, Huddersfield [P0154]  
  St Saviour’s Church, Southwark [P0294] England  
  Sun Street, St John under the Castle, Lewes, Sussex [P0247]  
  Surrey [P0066]  
  Sussex [P0248]  
T Terrace Street, Hyson Green [P0225]  
  The Triumph, Finchley [P0040]  
  Thornton Court, Henry Street, Leeds [P0245]  
  Tooting Bec Asylum [P0095] England  
  Top Butchers Lane, Beeston [P0224]  
  Toton, Nottinghamshire [P0273]  
  Tottenham, London [P0207]  
  Totteridge, Hertfordshire [P0236]  
  Totteridge Park School, Totteridge, Hertfordshire [P0141]  
  Transvaal, South Africa [P0099]  
U Union Street, Bramcote [P0274]  
V Victoria [P0265] British Columbia Canada  
  Viller Street, Beeston [P0226]  
W Weatherfield, Essex [P0093]  
  Wesley Place, Stapleford [P0272]  
  West Ham [P0082]  
  West Vancouver [P0264] British Columbia Canada  
  Whitechapel, London [P0067]  
  Wilford, Nottingham [P0042]  
  Wimbledon, Surrey [P0102]  
  Wood Green, Middlesex [P0106]  
  Woodhouse Christ Church, Huddersfield [P0028]  
Y Yorkshire [P0246]